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Having a Moving Sale

It happens all the time. You’re moving and the new place you’re moving to just won’t handle all the stuff that you have accumulated over the years. Either that, or you actually notice the stockpile of all the useless junk you have gained over the years and you’re not willing to take it with you to the new location. Well there’s a simple solution to all this and it’s called a moving sale.

Moving sales are like yard sales but with better stuff. Moving sales are also designed to get rid of larger items that are more of a hassle to move than they are worth. We are happy to provide you with some tips for managing a moving sale so that you can sell your items more easily and get on with your move.

Packing Tips you can Use

When you move from location to location, it’s a given that you’ll need to pack your belongings into boxes. This is quite an unavoidable fact of moving. Also, while the scene where you pick up a box and the bottom falls out along with your belongings is pretty funny in the movies, in real life it is far from hilarious. That’s why we are able to provide some tips you can actually use when packing your belongings into boxes.

Once you learn some useful tips on how to pack a box properly, you won’t every wonder how the professionals do it again. If you learn the basic concept correctly, there’s really no more wondering about how the right way to pack a box is.

Can you Help the Movers?

This question sometimes comes up more frequently than you think, and is concerning how you can prepare your house so that it’s most friendly for when the professional movers come in to do the dirty work. Although movers are able to work with any environment, there are definitely a few things that can be done that make the lives and work of the movers quite a bit easier. Following tips such as these can really make a difference in efficiency and the time it may take to move a certain room or household.

Follow some of the tips listed below if you are interested in helping your movers:

Moving with Children

Moving from place to place can sometimes be an overwhelming and daunting task. On top of all the things that need to be physically moved from your home, there’s another aspect of moving that some people tend to forget. This, of course, is the fact that your life doesn’t stop for your move. You still have to work, you still need to deal with bills, and you still have kids to raise.

This happens to be an excellent time to bring up what exactly to do with your children when moving. A move, especially if a child has never experienced one, can be just as, if not more, overwhelming for the child than it is for you. That’s why we are here to provide you with some quick tips on how to make the move easier for your child.

Avoid Being Scammed By Fake Companies

Unfortunately, we live in a world where a business (or fake business for that matter) exists in order to perform fraudulent services for members of our community. That’s why it is important for you to know the differences between a legitimate moving company and a company that makes a living scamming hard-working people. Although, the signs aren’t always obvious, there are some subtle cues that can indicate whether or not a company is professional and reliable.

We at OFR care deeply for members of the community and would like to educate you on a few things to watch out for when choosing a company for your next residential or commercial move. We would also like to stop scammers such as these from giving legitimate moving companies like ours a bad name.

Some things to watch out for are:

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Moving Company

You may have just purchased your first house, the house of your dreams, or just needed a change. Either way, you’re probably now in a position where you will need to pack up and move all of your stuff to a new location. Do you do it all yourself? Between the kids, the dog, and your job, the stress associated with moving may be a little much. That’s why the option of choosing a reliable residential mover is always on the table.

We like to think of our business as helping people in a stressful situation. You may be wondering to yourself why you would want to spend the extra money on a moving company. We have provided you with some great reasons why you should opt for a professional residential moving company like OFR when facing a move.

Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Mover

So the boss just made the decision that your office is moving across town to a nicer piece of real estate. Everyone in the office is super excited for a change of scenery and to experience something new. The boss, knowing how well you perform research, picks you to find the best commercial moving company for the job. While everyone is celebrating, you find yourself a bit nervous. Not only do you need to find an Idaho commercial moving company that will impress the boss, but you need to make sure they’re affordable too.

The other problem is that you have never had to find a reliable office mover is the Boise area before. Before you have a nervous breakdown, we at OFR are happy to provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you find the right Boise movers for you.

When finding a commercial moving company:

Striving to Become Idaho’s Premier Residential Movers

You may know OFR, Inc. as an Idaho commercial moving company that boasts a professional team with impeccable service, but did you know that we specialize in residential moving too? That’s right; OFR is able to make the transition to your new home or destination an easy and uncomplicated undertaking. Using our team of skilled movers, OFR has become the first Boise movers to call when the daunting task of packing up seems like too much.

We have been in the moving business for quite some time, so you can rest assured knowing that we will take of your home move like it was our own. Along with a great team you’re also getting the peace of mind associated with choosing OFR for your next move. Among other advantages, OFR is able to provide:

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