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To buy new or refurbished? Office moves and installation needs.


Refurbished office cubicles are not just cheaper than brand-new; they are often not much different from brand-new.

It is not a small benefit, as office managers seek to balance cost, function, and appearance. These days, refurbished office cubicles are the best way to reach that balance.

As used cubicles cost almost half of its new counterparts, it wins hands-down in the price department. As function goes, refurbished office furniture performs as well as brand-new, so office managers suffer no sacrifice in that area.

And as far as appearance is concerned, very few will be able to spot the difference between refurbished and brand-new.

Refurbished Office Cubicles – Appearances Matter

Planning: The Key To A Successful Office Move

One of the best ways to have a positive impact on your business and maximize workplace efficiency and staff morale is to ensure that your office furniture and space allocation are optimized for your current needs – which may be quite different from what they were when you initially set up your office.

A  move may be the right step driven by the need to expand, downsize or redeploy resources within your organization, especially in the current volatile economy.

A critical determination to make early on in the process is whether you truly need more or less space or whether a smart space reconfiguration could accomplish your objectives. This is one reason why it can prove helpful to work with a firm that offers moving, office-system configuration, space planning and installation services and can give you a true assessment of your options.


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